Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Schedule

So I started a new job last Monday.
Due to a long commute, I am now out of the house for 11 1/2 hours a day.
Tim does not want me to give up the blog, but I cannot see my making time to get on-line to upload photos and posts very often.

So, we will keep making new things, though dinner time is now about 8pm, and I may even keep taking photos of things, but I fear keeping up with my own blog will go by the wayside to having time with the dog and Tim.

Thanks to Ivonne for encouraging me to try blogging, and thanks to all my church friends who have been my readership.... things may still appear now and then, but certainly not several times a week anymore.

Here are some things that were never written about:
Sole in Parchment:

Turkey Scallopini:

My Cookbook Awards, blog:


Ivonne said...


I'm glad to hear you started your new job but sorry to hear that you won't be blogging as much. I hope you'll still keep it up as best you can because I've really enjoyed reading about what you and Tim are cooking.

All my best!

Zoo said...

I just saw that you have two greyhounds, I had two myself though I had to put them down a few months ago. Did you adopt them from a resue league?

gewilli said...

long time no update, and i get hassled if mine's quiet for three days!


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!