Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Better 1 or 2?

After our visit to the Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, I came home inspired to make cupcakes and test some chocolate frostings.

A month ago I had tested 2 cupcake recipes from Cupake Bakeshop, and found I preferred the recipe from Hershey's that I had used previously... so I will stick with that for both cupcakes and cakes in the future.

The two chocolate frosting recipes I tried this weekend had each at one point been deemed the frosting recipe in our house, so I thought I had best make them side-by-side for a definitive test.

Although Tim feared that we would each like a different frosting better, we did come to a consensus as to which will be the chocolate frosting recipe in our house (at least for now). Both are really good... so we won't tell you which one we chose. Try them for yourself and select the chocolate flavor you desire for your baked goods. (And, if you really want to know which we chose, just ask.)

Cupcake Bakeshop Fudge Frosting recipe: link
Hershey's cake and frosting recipes: link

Happy testing!


Ivonne said...

May I please have one?

champagneandteacups said...

I just want to lick the screen

Amy said...

Ivonne-- there is still one left, and if I thought it could survive the trip, I would mail it to you!

Champagne-- you make me laugh! Thanks